In Beauty and Harmony may you walk

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Diné naach'aahí - Navajo Artist
from the Navajo Nation

The images of a full-blooded Diné artist Rex A. Begaye speak of the univeral connection of Mother Earth, Father Sky and man. Through his paintings, stories that have been passed down for generations by the Elders of many different nations are vividly brought to life. Rex's art celebrates the sacredness and discipline of the Diné culture, lending a contemporary outlook to the ancient traditions. To see his paintings is to span from days of long ago to the edge of tomorrow.

Ceremonies are the way of life for the Diné "In beauty before me, behind me, above me, all around me, I wander." Rex shares the beginning of prayers that "Stays within me and keeps me close to tradition." His harsh upbringing in the heart of Dinehtah (Navajoland) instilled in him the beauty and the richness of his culture. "DINÉ I AM"

Through his paintings, Rex shares with us the simple beauty of living in balance and harmony with Mother Earth. "To paint the way I feel, the meaningful way of life, the teaching of my people, the Native American."

Rex tells a time when, in the midst of the mountains and canyons, he found himself profoundly aware of what Mother Earth has given us. "The teaching of the animals, how to survive in life, to notice, to feel, to hear, to touch. I walked through the canyon and heard the voice of the Anasazi (Ancient Ones), the song, the chants and the prayers whispering along the canyon walls."

"I knelt to sing a song as distant thunder rumbled across the mountains, I grasped a handful of sand, and as it sifted through my fingers back to Mother Earth a sandpainting appeared, healing the wounds of what we mistreat and destroy. Tears slowly traced their way down my face, how I missed the Dinehtah. How difficult our survival in life is.

The animals are disppearing, the richness of the colors are dull and fading, songs and chants we hear no more...And the canyons ring with emptiness." Rex hopes to teach us all to live in balance and harmony with Mother Earth, Father Sky and with each other.